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3on3 quaco. Cup #1 written by sHiFti, 2010-02-27 14:41 CET (0 comments)

Date: 27/02/2010
Size: 3on3

IRC: #quaco
CUP SITE: http://quaco.tourney.cc/ [quaco.tourney.cc]
Sign Up's are OPEN!

Start 18:00 CET (GMT+1)
Check In 17:45 CET (GMT+1)

*People banned from CB/ESL/CrossFire for cheating reasons are not allowed to play.
*GUID's must be AT LEAST 30 days old.
*Global 3vs3 /NO PB config.
*If a Team plays with a banned Player, the team will be out of cup.
*Cointoss winners at the start of the match will pick the side they want (attack or defense).
*Side is allowed for every maps for both sides.
*In case of trouble, admin has every rights
*EVERYONE have to record demos.
*After the match, each team can ask the opponent for demos.
*If the team which was asked for demos doesn't have them, latter will be kicked out of the cup.
*At least one member of each competing team has to be on
#quaco channel 10 minutes before the check-ins phase (17.45 CET).
*PM scores from the round to sHiFti.
*Double/Trick plants are ALLOWED!

1st Round (18:00): sp_delivery_te
2nd Round (18:30): braundorf_b4
3rd Round (19:00): supply / if 16 Teams
4th Round (19:30): frostbite / if 32 Teams

FINAL: Each team choose one map from Mappool.


Admins: sHiFti , Aniq3
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